Q: Will I receive a receipt?
A: A receipt will be sent to your registered email address within 1 business day of payment.

Q: How will my payment be processed?
A: Payments are processed securely through PayPal. We accept all major credit cards.

Q: Will I receive a certificate?
A: You will be able to download a Certificate of Completion after completing the learner assessment, and program evaluation for all three chapters.

Q: How long does it take for the credits to be reported?
A: Class A credits will be reported to the AANA within one week of completing the Core Module. If you need it sooner, just send us an email, we can make that happen. The Core Module completion is reported to the NBCRNA every six months.

Q: How many chances do I get to pass the test?
A: You have 3 chances to score 80% or better on each post-test. If you fail after 3 attempts you will receive a class B credits for that chapter.

Q: Can I review the information while taking the test?
A: You can right click on the video link to open it in a new tab or window, this will give you access to the test questions and corresponding video at the same time.

Q: Can it be used on mobile devices?
A: Both our website and LMS are mobile friendly.

Q: How can I stay up-to-date with Inotrope Anesthesia?
A: You can follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Join our mailing list below to receive the latest news and product updates.

Q: What is a core module?
A: Core modules are one component of the new NBCRNA CPC program for CRNA recertification. There are four core module topics in total; Airway Management Techniques, Applied Clinical Pharmacology, Human Physiology and Pathophysiology, and Anesthesia Technology. The core modules are not required during the first 4-year CPC cycle, however, they are a great way to earn Class A credits, and their content is closely related to the content on the CPC Examination.